Should Your Art Be Insured?

Why we need art insurance
Fine art

Insuring Fine Art How it Works

Insuring fine art is like another kind of insurance. You will need specific documentation to prove the worth of your artworks. Probably, you will never find yourself with a Monet or a Picasso adorning the space over your fireplace. But if you're an art lover, you will have a valuable painting on your hands at some point in your life.

Insurance for fine art

art Insurance Coverage Options

You must look at the different coverage options from the companies. That way you will get the strongest insurance policy possible for your art collection.

Diffrent coverage options

Art Appraisal

The art appraisal is the first step to getting your art insure. An art appraiser will help you to get the evaluation the value of your artworks collection.

Evaluating your art collection

who should have art insurance?

Art insurance is mostly for professionals. Anyone, who's business rely on selling artworks should get insurance. From the artist, creating art in his studio to the famous museum, exhibiting the one-of-a-kind artworks.

The private art collector or event he art lover with a considerable art collection, should consider insuring his valuable. In the case of a disaster, the artwork may not be replaceable but at least you will get compensated for your loss.

Museums insurance

Museums have in their collection many one-of-a-kind artworks.

Auction Houses Insurance

With many expensive or priceless artworks transferred to their facility.

Galleries Insurance

Without insurance, how they are compensate and the artists for their loss?

Artists Insurance

Insurance will have your artwork cover even its only hanging in your studio.


Art Insurance Companies

Art insurance may not be offer by all insurance companies. It's important to look at the different companies options for this kind of insurance. Do you have a collection of valuable artistic works? Do you currently have any kind of protection for them against damage or theft? Many people think that if an artwork is valuable enough and irreplaceable, then insurance will be pointless.

Insurance companies specialize in art

art Insurance Brokers

To get the best art insurance possible, it pays to get the help from an insurance broker. The broker specializes in getting the policy that fit your needs.

Get the best policy with a broker
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